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Hack App-Lock to Access Whats-app message

Access Sdcard and Hack Whatsapp by Bypassing CM-Security AppLock

Hello, friends. I am blogging after a long time and that is because I was focusing on my studies.. :D

So now I am back with an Amazing trick that will bypass Cm-Security app lock so you can access Mobiles Sdcard and steal any data by just 2 simple steps.

Now let's discuss it. 
It is like a trick that you can perform by Google Chrome. Google Chrome is Available in Play store you can download that using the link below. If you already have then ignored it.

*NOTE: Any Version of google chrome will work

So let's get started. Follow the steps thoroughly.

Things we need :
1. Google Chrome ( Any Version) Click Here for Download Link
2. The Phone Phone from we will retrieve the data.
3. Dare to get the phone :P

Step 1:
Get the phone and start Google chrome.

Step 2 :
Now Type in browser search box
file:///sdcard (Pictures are below )

Step 3:
BOOOOM You are in SDcard and now you can go to WhatsApp folder and take the database, Transfer to your device and view that in your home by drinking a cup of coffee.
Now you can access the whole sdcard , You can look for the Photos, Videos and much more.. This Tutorial is tested on Zenfone 2 Laser and worked completely fine.

I hope you understand this method, If you didn't then you can comment down below, I will reply you soon.

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  1. Are you sure that this is necessary? Do you really want to know what lies behind someone else's secrets?