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Asus Zenfone SDcard to Adoptable Storage

Use Adoptable Storage to Store Apps on SDcard on Asus Zenfone.

Android M comes with several features to make the device more secure, one of the features is that the user can't store apps on SDcard. This is a big problem for users who is having low internal memory.
But there is a way through we can turn our memory card act as an Internal Storage and we can really shift apps to SDcard. It's not like any hack or root. It was also a feature of Android M but Asus have disabled it because latter system issues. 
Hopefully, today I will show you guys that to unlock the Hidden feature and turn your SDCARD into internal memory and store apps.
But with this feature you will also get some limitations in the view of security,  Please read NOTES area for more info.


**** The Letters in RED COLOUR is Important Please read Carefully****
  1.  Download ADB tools: CLICK HERE
  2.  Enable Developer Option ( Go to Settings >  About> Software information and click build number for 7 times.
  3. Enable USB Debugging ( Settings > Developer Option > USB Debugging )
  4. Download and Install ADB tools from the STEP 1
  5. On desktop hold, SHIFT + Right-click > Open Command Windows Here
  6. Connect your mobile to PC using USB cable
  7. On the Command Windows type ADB Devices to confirm your device is connected
  8. Give Permission to Debugging mode (Popup Windows Will come on phone)
  9. Now on Computers Command Windows type 

    adb shell sm set-force-adoptable true
  10.  After pressing Enter please wait till it completes.
  11. After that go to Storage And USB (Settings > Storage and Usb) 
  12. Tap on SDcard
  13. Click on 3 DOTS you will see on the top right and click on settings
  14. Now Press on Format as Internal ( REMEMBER TO BACKUP DATA FROM SDCARD )
  15. Select Erase and Format option on bottom Right
  16. Then you will see the formatting window of SDCard,
  17. Done.. Now your SDcard becomes Internal Storage and you can Shift Data to it. 


  • DO it With your OWN risk.
  • Your Device Must be Upgraded to Android 6.0
  • If you connect your device to the computer through USB. Now you will not be able to use SDcard through Computer
  • BACKUP your DATA before going for STEP 1
  • No root access required
  • You can't use the SDcard on another device without formatting
  • Your Device can be slow if you use a slow Read/Write Speed card (Minimus Class 9-10)
  • Always try to eject SDcard before removing it. Otherwise, your SDcard be crash Easily.
  • Minimum Class 9-10 Sd cards are required.
  • You can use Either Internal Storage or SD to keep personal files.. Go to settings > Storage and USB> Click on 3 dots > Migrate data to use SDcard to keep personal files and app data. Then you can only use internal storage to keep app and app data.
  • to move apps data to SDcard go to Settings > Storage and UBS> Click on Internal Storage > Apps> Select the app>Click on Change on Storage user section > Select SD>Move.


This tutorial is based on " Using SdCard as Internal Storage ". I hope you guys did it successfully, if you have any doubts then comment Below.

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  1. Thanks for the info! Will have to try it when Marshmallow update comes to the ZE551ML here in the US. The no SD support for apps was a deal breaker for the update to M.

  2. its not formatting as internal, giving an error when it comes to %20, asus zenfone max...

  3. Hey there, just wanted to let you know that this worked on an Asus Zenfone 2. Thanks.

  4. Error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException (ASUS MAX) android 6.0.2

  5. thanks god you've saved my life thanks you so much

  6. wow... it works for me :D... thank you so much!! -XeonLans

    1. i want to ask, before do step 11. the phone must stay connect with laptop via usb or eject it? i dont understand

    2. i want to ask, before do step 11. the phone must stay connect with laptop via usb or eject it? i dont understand

    3. You can unplug it from pc/laptop

  7. i want to ask.. for step 10, how long have to wait? because im waiting for 2 minutes. and its nothing happen

    1. it takes less than a second -XeonLans

  8. The installation of ADB fails?

  9. Awesome man that worked
    Keep it uo

  10. But apps don't move to sd card like clash of clans

    1. You have to Migrate to SDcard in order to Move apps to External Storage

  11. Does somebody tested this on zenfone 3 ?

    1. I did it on zenfone 3 ze520kl. It works.

  12. Tried on ZenFone Go 5 n only offered portable storage instead of internal. Pls help

  13. Thank you very much. I have Asus Zenfone3 ZE520KL and it works. IT WORKS. Thank you for helping us. This is the first post that really helped me. Finally I can move my apps on the sd card.
    The problem for this model is that in "Asus customized setting" doesn't exist the "Change storage" setting so when I tried to format my sdcard it was only portable format. The internal format option didn't exist. Now, with your help it exists!
    Thanks again!

  14. It works on my Asus Zenfone 2 551 Marshmallow, But it is showing "sd card appears to be slow" why?
    I am using Samsung Evo Plus 64 GB Micro SDXC Class 10 80MB/s

  15. wer is this adk installed and thanks for ur help,its working

  16. it shows daemon is not working on cmd. what should be done?

  17. the moment I entered "ADB Devices" on the command prompt it says "List of devices attached"
    can you help me with this?

  18. it doesn't starts the process... it says error device not found.... but i have connected my phone...

  19. It worked for my Z00AD.


  20. cannot works i use zen fone 3 me

  21. ummmmm.... there's no format as internal in my phone. help, please?

  22. Thanks a lot. Concise and effective.

  23. sd card doesn't show in file explorer

  24. Many thanks bro , keep the great work you're amazing !

  25. Hello, i tried this tuto with Zenfone 2 ZE500KL and that's work perfectly. I had an error at 40%, i click to OK and no problem.
    Thank you very much.

  26. Can this step use on zenfone go android 5.1? How to move to sd android 5.1? Help me

  27. Can this step use on zenfone go android 5.1? How to move to sd android 5.1? Help me

  28. steps number 8 does not appear on my phone screen..
    how can i fix it?