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Today we will Continue with a new tutirial that will work 100% for everyone. Priviously i have posted a ADB method to downgrade but after Looking for user comment i found that an error occures while loading ZIP file.

Me too experienced the same. So i decided to create another tutorial that will help users to Downgrade from Android Marshmellow to Lollipop without any issue.
We are facing a lot of issue in Android Marshmallow because of unfixed bugs. Also WW SKU users got a update that will Upgrade Baseband ( MODEM ) version that will allow the phone to catch 4g VoLte Signals. As we all know asus for there faulty Updates, This time also the same thing happen.
Few got Updated to volte but other didnt.. Even they have upgraded the firmware but the Baseband version wont able to captue VoLte Signal..  Whatsoever we can expect a New Update is comming to hit the phone to fix The Baseband Issue..

Instructions :

  1. Download The ADB and Stock Recovery |  Click Here    Password is =
  2. Download the Firmware that you want to Downgrade. | Click Here 
  3. Now copy the Firmware file to ExtSDcard ( Memory Card )
  4. TurnOff The phone and go to Fastboot Mode ( Press Volume up + power Button at the same time and hold for 3 seconds )
  5.  Now Extract the Downloaded file in Step 1
  6. Now open cmd.bat file and that will open a command window in the ADB and Recovery Folder
  7. now type Fastboot Devices to verify your phone is connected to PC properly.( If yes then you will see your devices Serial number in that command window )
  8. Now type the command Below

    * fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    *fastboot oem reboot-recovery
  9. Now choose applay Update from Sdcard
  10. choose the ZIP firmware file which you have downloaded in step 2 and copyed to SDcard in step 3
  11.  wait for a While it will take upto 15-20 minute for the process to complete.. Dont touch or do anything while it is ongoing else you will brick the phone..
Password for the ZIP file is =

NOTE: After complete of the process You have to reboot your device and this time your phone will took more time to bootUP dont be panic.. 

I hope you found this tutorial helpfull. If you didnt understand anything here then Comment down below i will try to answer as soon as possible or take the live chat option.

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Reliance JIO has launched an amazing Jio Preview offer for the Partners.. Asus took advantage and did the partnership with Reliance Jio. Most of us have already taken the sim and using JIO offer for a while now.

Asus ZenFone devices are LTE reddy by now but not VoLte. We are using JioJoin app to make calls and SMS. As Most of the devices are compatible with VoLte by its processor, All went to request Asus for an Update that will make the device VoLte Reddy.

So Asus Released an update for Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL to update and I am today here to tell you the method to Install this update properly.

Note: Some of the users are not getting Volte even after updating to the latest firmware. Those who have 160803 basebands are not getting the VoLte feature. This feature is only available for 160509 baseband version of ze550kl. Even if you update that won't makes any difference or damage to your device.

Instruction :

1. Download Latest Firmware| Click Here 

2. Copy that Zip file to your External SDcard ( Memory card)
3. Unplug USB and suddenly you will see a notification that your device have found an update package. So proceed with that .. click on ok twice. 
4. Wait for few minutes because it will take some time.
5. Done.. You have now installed the update.

I hope you guys have understood and did this tutorial successfully. Please give me feedback that your baseband version supports VoLte or not after doing the update. 

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Official Asus ZenFone 3 Boot-Loader Unlock tool for Asus ZenFone ZE552KL / ZE525KL

Today ZenofneHelp blog will share the official tools to unlock your ZenFone 3 for Unlocking Bootloader. Read the description as follows and then go next..


DescriptionUnlock Device App: Unlock boot loader for Andriod M
Unlock Device App: Unlock boot loader
1. Update your software image to V or latest version
2. Before you download, install, and use the Unlock Device App you acknowledge and assume complete risk to the quality and performance of this App, including but not limited to the following: once you activate the App you will not be able to recover your ASUS product (“Original Product”) back to original locked conditions; the Original Product with the activated App will not be deemed the Original Product; the Revised Product will no longer be covered under the warranty of the Original Product; the software of Revised Product will no longer be deemed the software of the Original Product and can no longer receive ASUS software updates; your purchased digital content may also be affected.

You also acknowledge ASUS does not guarantee service satisfaction to any Revised Product, including events involving paid service requested by you to be performed to the Revised Product.
Furthermore, such repaired Revised Product will not be covered under the warranty of the Original Product; the software of the repaired Revised Product will not be deemed the software of the Original Product and will not receive ASUS software updates.
It is strongly advised that you avoid activating this App unless you fully understand and accept the risks that may arise.

Download Link :

Click Here for ZE520KL
Click Here for ZE552KL

Comment here if your face any problem. I would try to help you guys. Keep visiting my blog and join my Facebook Group :

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Access Sdcard and Hack Whatsapp by Bypassing CM-Security AppLock

Hello, friends. I am blogging after a long time and that is because I was focusing on my studies.. :D

So now I am back with an Amazing trick that will bypass Cm-Security app lock so you can access Mobiles Sdcard and steal any data by just 2 simple steps.

Now let's discuss it. 
It is like a trick that you can perform by Google Chrome. Google Chrome is Available in Play store you can download that using the link below. If you already have then ignored it.

*NOTE: Any Version of google chrome will work

So let's get started. Follow the steps thoroughly.

Things we need :
1. Google Chrome ( Any Version) Click Here for Download Link
2. The Phone Phone from we will retrieve the data.
3. Dare to get the phone :P

Step 1:
Get the phone and start Google chrome.

Step 2 :
Now Type in browser search box
file:///sdcard (Pictures are below )

Step 3:
BOOOOM You are in SDcard and now you can go to WhatsApp folder and take the database, Transfer to your device and view that in your home by drinking a cup of coffee.
Now you can access the whole sdcard , You can look for the Photos, Videos and much more.. This Tutorial is tested on Zenfone 2 Laser and worked completely fine.

I hope you understand this method, If you didn't then you can comment down below, I will reply you soon.

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Asus released Android M update for Asus ZenFone 2.

Finally, Android M is available for Asus ZenFone 2. It's been a long waiting for the user of this device.
Unfortunately, This is the only device that is facing big issue with Android M. 
Asus have already know that publicly releasing Android M `is not safe because a bug is always there in the os After beta testing too. In the END of Q2 Asus started releasing updates for its Laser devices and finally released Android M for few users to check the stability.

After few days they saw that the OS is having huge problems ie: Battery drain and ram leak, The battery drain issue is still there on other devices like Ze550KL laser, So Asus decided to bring down the update procedure from OTA and also removed ZIP files from the website and give the reason about server issue. After few days they again uploaded the ZIP files into the server. The new ly uploaded files seem to be modified because previous Android M-files are little smaller than this new one. But still, there is no Update log in Zen talk.
After all now, Asus rolled out Android M for ZE551ML / ZE550ML and I hope its the stable version.
More information about the update is below. Its the beta one but final version will be listed here soon. Keep checking this post.



  1. Download Your Respective Firmware from the link above
  2. Copy to External Storage 
  3. Reboot phone to Recovery Mode
  4. Choose" Apply Update From SDcard"
  5. Choose the ZIP file
  6. Wait for 30-40 Minute .. Don't be hurried.
  7. It will install and reboot your device.
  8. Done. 

NOTE: The Firmware Files are 100% real and didn't try to open or change anything from the OS image so it is fully safe to Install this file.

Comment here if your face any problem  while installing. I would try to help you guys. Keep visiting my blog and join my Facebook Group :

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Android M is a big Target for Asus to be completed by Q2 of 2016. Some of the device also got update but the ammount of bugs is infinite.
After looking for few weeks Asus have pulldown the update on OTA as well as in the website too.
ZenTalk forms filled of complain reports, So moderaors have only one thing to say that" There is some server issue so update is not avilable for now and there is no fixed time for the update procedure to start". We will know that the problem is in Android M not in server :D

So after a week of this cenario a new update notification apear on some Laser devices. And now i can see that the Moderator have been posted the details about new update on ZenTalk

About the ZE551ML / ZE5500ML asus is not saying anything. Its becuase this device is on the top list of BUGS. So Zenfone 2 users have to wait till Asus consider somthing about it.

Even the version are same but the new update file which is recently uploaded to Asus website is diffrent. The size of the First update file is 1.56GB and the one which is uploaded at 1/7/2016 is 1.62GB so i am thinking that there is some modificatin have done by Asus so those peoples who have already upgraded they can Dowgrade from THIS tutorial and download the new file and update again.. There might be some bug fix but as per reports the Battery drainage is still a problem.

Download LINK: ZE550KL Other Models Download Link will be Available SOON.

Version WW-21.40.1220.1708(andriod M)

File Size1.62 GBytesupdate 2016/07/01
Download fromDownload Now

This is all about the new update.I got some internet problem from past few weeks so I am unable to post some Interesting article but i will soon post them. I will keep you updating with latest news so keep visiting my Blog.
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Android M update in Asus Zenfone Series is a great thing. Through which I could not find any major update. As I Expected that Asus will include RAW Image feature but no, They didn't.

Meanwhile, a lot of other users are experiencing problems like Battery Drainage, Camera problem etc. So I decided to make a tutorial on Downgrading.
I have tested this on my Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL and it works.
I have Downgraded From Version V21.40.1220.1615 to 1.12.40..349


Download Your respective phone FIRMWARE from Asus Website.

  1.  Put that into phones External Storage
  2.  Turn off the phone and go to recovery mode.
  3.  Press on "Apply Update from SDcard" 
  4.  Now Wait for a while it will complete the installation.
  5. If it shows any error then move back to older version of Downgrade firmware.

That's all guys. I hope you have done the above tutorial successfully. If you found any problem then please comment below.

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